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I paid them six years ago to try to reduce my speeding ticket. First one in my 20 year history of driving. Around the time I got the ticket I had gotten sick and it took doctors months to figure out it was my gallbladder. I thought I was dying, so I just wasn't really paying attention to speed limit signs. I had given Xcopper all this info and hoped they could lessen or get rid of the charge, as... Read more

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I hired Xcopper as I received a speeding ticket heading to work, it is not so much the amount as the ticket is under $100, but there was 3 demerit points involved. I paid over $300 to Xcopper to help with getting the demerit points removed and I would just pay the fine. They assured me that there were a few options that they could try once in the court room. 9 months later the court day came and... Read more

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I used XCopper in Ottawa to fight a ticket for speeding which was debateable as there were a dozen cars going the same speed and I got the only ticket. I wanted to be sure I didn't lose any points. They negotiated for me, I never lost any time in court, and they did what I asked. I had told them I would gladly pay the fine but could not afford to lose the points (3). They seemed to know the... Read more

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Hamilton X-Coppers have just one young kid David on cases - he ignored my offers for evidence, never met me before the court, showed up at the end of hearing, refused to even listen to my instructions pushing me to plea guilty with full fee to pay - I fired him and negotiated a better deal with the prosecutor. Otherwise he would sell me for nothing. Even judge commented that I had 90% chances to... Read more

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  • Nov 01, 2015
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They rip off customers with no positive outcome. They charged me $500 and promised me that they can easily win the ticket. They plead guilty and charged me $500. I could've paid the ticket which was $52 and plead guilty without hiring Xcoppers. They take your money no matter what. Don't ever hire them. They can't be trusted Add comment

NEVER USE THEM YOU ARE BETTER OF REPRESENTING YOURSELF FOR A BETTER DEAL. I had a ticket where the cop specifically told me that he didn't have a reading of my speed and he said I was going much higher than he claimed on the ticket. These guys told me that don't worry about it was going to be easy to get it rid of, and they turn around without consulting me took a plea before even the court date.... Read more

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I paid them $300 to represent me for a speeding ticket. They offered me free advice before I agreed to hire them. They did exactly as they promised. They filed for a court date for me. They attended court for me and had the ticket completely thrown out!!! No fine, no demerit points and no increase in my insurance! I am so relieved.... I have used one of X-coppers competitors "Pointts" in the past... Read more

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they waited till my 2ed payment to tell me they might not beable to help me they did not even get my side of the story the women in cambridge office was rude ...all i did was go in asking if they could help me with 3 tickets they looked at them and said yes i went back in to make 2d payment and they looked at me and said they prob couldent and help with them but there going to try wow why didnt... Read more

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I hired X-Copper to represent me on a speeding ticket. I already had it reduced, had all required documents,and wanted to fight the ticket. I was assured it could be done, at least to less points than the reduced offer. They were to attend my scheduled date only to register as representation and get a trial date. I did not need to attend. Instead they attended and accepted the same plea I already... Read more

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